Occasionally, Sam will write down thoughts about life, love and other mysteries. If you enjoy Sam's journal entries, come back any time because you never know what he'll write about next.

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"I worked with Sam Beman on my syndicated radio show, and I found him not only to be a great talent but very easy to work with as well."

—Comedian/Radio Host

Daren Streblow

Cancer Journey

In April of 2015, Sam was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Disease Lymphoma Stage Four, having to undergo 12 chemo treatments and over seventy infusion shots. Click the link below to read his story and watch several VLOG vides that Sam recorded during his cancer journey.

Sam Beman has been labeled a renaissance man when it comes to entertainment. Below is a recap of the services that Sam can offer for your next event or production. Also, if you would like to receive updates simply type in your address and hit "subscribe."

Sam's Services

Light Talk is a Christian comedic talk show, that features many different talented guests from around the country. Sam hosted and wrote the show, which was produced by Cable TV of East Alabama, running on their network back in 2008. In 2009 he decided to...

Light Talk TV